Instagram adds a new feature

The tool will help content creators to promote lives

The social network is rolling out new updates which will help content creators promote the live videos they make. In addition, the creators will have access to a third option that will be able to extend the information to network users who are not exactly followers.

The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, through his official Twitter account explained the new news that the network will offer users. Attached to a video, Mosseri's tweet, explains “New features. Some fun this week: Lives in profiles, Video Remix. Let me know what other features you would like to see.”

Lives in profiles

This tool will allow users to show and broadcast their live shows that they will publish in the future. The option focuses on those who are going to perform a live, they can add it to the profile, in addition to the data about the scheduled live show. The moment a follower visits the profile, they will be able to see a banner with the live information. Pressing it will open the respective information of the live video, in addition to a reminder option for Instagram to notify when the transmission begins.


Another of the updates mentioned are the remixes. In the most TikTok style, the application competes directly with it, since in 2021 Instagram had declared that the remixes would be exclusively for Reels, unlike now, which can be integrated into all the videos of said social network.