Meta implements 3D avatars in Instagram Stories

The company will start updating options for the entertainment social network

As has already been announced, the Meta social network has already begun to focus its developments on the metaverse. And now it is managing to link it to Instagram, Facebook and Messenger through its 3D avatars, which manage to capture the physical characteristics of users in a virtual character.

The initial idea of Snapchat, bitmojis, have been a tool that has worked very well since its creation in 2019. To the extent, developers continue to implement more options for users to create their own characters, making them the image carrier in their networks. virtual.

The latest update turns to the most used social networks in Chile: Instagram and Facebook. After three years, you can use the option to include it in stories, quite different from its last update. The new 3D avatars contain renewed details: shapes, clothing and elements that aim to better represent each person who makes their creation.

Meta 3D Avatars have several customization options that encompass all users, whether they have cochlear implants, over-the-ear hearing aids or wheelchairs. The parent company has adjusted certain facial features and has retouched the shadows of the skin to give greater realism.

The company Meta has referred to the update "your avatar will automatically enter the third dimension as part of this update, and we are doing everything possible to ensure that your new and improved self matches the choices you made previously". That said, there are so many more options now than ever before!"

The social networks Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, will now be able to use the avatars, through the profile photos on Facebook in addition to sharing them in comments, stickers and stories.