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  2. GoogleWorkspace is integrated into Gmail so you can easily access:

    📅 Calendars
    ✅ To-Do Lists
    📁 Files
    📝 Notes< br>
    More via @PopSci

    — Google Workspace (@GoogleWorkspace) January 28, 2022
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  5. Gmail tendrá un nuevo diseño

Gmail will have a new design

The messaging network has already announced that it will make a design change this year

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gmail tendra un nuevo diseno

Google announced that Gmail will have some updates during 2022. With the idea of making it easier to navigate between the company's interconnected platforms: Meet, Gmail and Chat.

Future designs seek to provide a positive user experience when using their platforms. At the moment, the new face is in update mode among its users, but by mid-2022, it will be the only option to use. In the meantime, the new design will be offered to test users through a pop-up message in the tool's inbox.

For users who already want to make use of the renewed platform, from February 8 Google will begin to offer these updates. In any case, those who have already accepted the test will be able to revert the design to the classic mode until April of this year. The option to test the new design will start appearing between February 8 and February 22 for all Gmail users.

By the middle of this year it will not be possible to reverse the design that we already know. Since Google Chat cannot be set to display on the right side of the Gmail screen. The idea is to better integrate the platforms in Workspace and make the interconnection in their platforms more friendly.

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