Create your Meta 3D avatar

Users will be able to link their avatar to Instagram, Facebook and Messenger

To create and edit your 3D Avatar, you need to log into the Facebook app. Enter the main menu, click on your profile photo and through the drop-down menu that will appear, select “Create profile photo with avatar”.

Wait for the authoring platform to load. Here you will find everything related to your avatar, you can:

- Create profile photo
- Create Post
- Share pose
- Explore stickers
- Edit avatar

In the latter you can customize the avatar as you want. You can choose your skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, facial markings, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, piercing, hats. Also while you edit, in the mirror icon you can verify your features, pressing it will show your front camera of your mobile.

When you have your avatar ready, hit accept. You will be able to interact with the posts, try the avatar emoji, create poses with your contacts through chat. Every time you edit your avatar on Facebook, Messeger, Instagram, and Meta apps, it will update automatically.

Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, your avatar on Instagram will update automatically. To connect them, you can enter the Instagram Main Menu, in Settings, Meta Accounts Center.