YouTube Shorts, the new tool to create short videos

The new tool will follow in the footsteps of TikTok and Reels

YouTube also joins the competition between TikTok and Instagram Reels. Although the social network has its own public thanks to its content creators, the option is still not well known to compete with the other two platforms. Youtube Shorts is new and aims to provide creation tools to edit short videos for the social network.

YouTube Shorts is the bet that Google wants to popularize. The tool will provide short videos, effects and attractive music for content creators to add to their YouTube channels.

To use YouTube Shorts the user must log in to YouTube and press the Create button in the center of the bottom menu. The option Create Short will appear in the drop-down menu. For it to work, you must have the latest update of the app. Upon first login, the tool will request access to the camera and microphone of the mobile device in use.

For the videos to last more than 15 seconds, the user must press the icon for 15 seconds, to increase the duration to 60 seconds. To record, you will need to hold down the capture button for the length of time you want. A red bar at the top that progresses indicates the recording time. To stop recording, just release the button.

This can be done repetitively until the indicated seconds are used or otherwise end the video when the user deems it. At the time of finishing the recording, it is necessary to press the tick to update. The tool in turn will allow adjusting the appearance of texts and sounds.

The chronology tool is the one that will allow you to adjust the moment in which the text and music will be displayed. To finish, you must add a title for the video and therefore define if it will be a public or private Shorts, as well as if the content is suitable for children.