Reply in private message: the new Twitter option

The social network is testing new user experiences

Twitter is in an infinite period of creating possible functions to implement on the network. This may facilitate interaction between users and also direct communication with other accounts.

The new feature will make it possible to reply to a tweet through a private message, so no one else will be able to see the reply publicly, only the account receiving the message. The social network has already confirmed the new tool and explains that it is already available for a group of iPhone users who are already experiencing the application update.

“For when you want to reply directly to the author of a Tweet, we're making it easier to send direct messages from your timeline to start a conversation. Now testing a DM icon in Tweets with some of you on iOS”, explains the social network through one of its tweets.

In the same responses to the post, users comment on what they think: “this is a security problem, which opens the door to more harassment. Please reconsider this,” commented user @1brightman1. What the social network immediately replies “We understand the concern. Our goal here is to make it easier to interact with a Tweet; sometimes responding publicly can be daunting. If you receive unwanted DMs, you can limit who can DM you in settings, block an account, or report a message if you think it violates our rules.”

To avoid unwanted direct messages, the network suggests users know the actions that can be taken against said messages, in addition to the following measures:

-You are in control and can choose not to accept direct messages from anyone you don't follow from your settings.
- Twitter filters potentially graphic media and spam.
- You can report direct messages by tapping and holding the message on mobile or by clicking the 3 dots next to the message on the web.