Uber intends to accept Bitcoin payments

The platform opens the way to the new form of payment

The CEO of the platform, Dara Khosrowshahi, advanced that in the near future users could use the payment of the travel service with cryptocurrencies in the form of payment.

In an interview with the American financial advisory company, Bloomberg, the executive mentioned that they expect the company to make changes that would help reduce fees and also make the procedure greener, before implementing the payment with bitcoin.

“As the exchange mechanism becomes less expensive, it becomes more environmentally friendly; I think you will see us lean into crypto a little more,” Khosrowshahi explained.

The ride-sharing company is expected to update and integrate this type of payment. Meanwhile, Khosrowshahi affirms this possibility as a long-term goal, following in the footsteps of other companies, such as Microsoft or Tesla, that already use this updated payment method. And even nations like El Salvador that already accept bitcoin as official currency.

Momentary concern focuses on the environmental effect related to crypto mining. Khosrowshahi believes that these are temporary problems that will find a solution, which is why opens up the possibilities that bitcoin and other currencies will be used to pay for Uber trips in the future.