You can now distinguish the good bots on Twitter

The company will now have an option to identify them

The social network has already announced that it will allow labels for automated accounts that can be identified as a good bot.

As Twitter explains, this will allow users to differentiate between the creation of bots created transparently. This will be implemented with a tag titled as “good bot”.

This update will be available from February 16 and will allow the same accounts to request to include the distinctive label. Graphically it was designed as a robot image that will be attached below the user's name, plus a headline that says “automated by” and the account of who is responsible for the bot.

This implementation was carried out after a pilot test started in September 2021 with a specific study group. This measure was implemented after investigations revealed that users wanted more information regarding the accounts with which they interact.

The measure is not mandatory, but rather optional for creators and will not audit automated accounts that interact with real users. For this, users will be able to report a bot account manually, from the options menu that is immersed in each profile.