What is Smart Canvas and its new update

It is a Google solution to do collaborative work

Smart Canvas is a collaborative workspace product from Workspace with timelines, to-do lists, Meet in Docs integration, and more. The latest implementation is a tool in which its users can access the work evolution visualization through a function that shows what each collaborator has managed to execute through Workspace.

The Smart Canvas feature has been in effect since 2021 and can be found in Google Docs, Slides, Sheets and Meet, whose main objective is to promote the rhythm between collaborators' conversation and work.

In the Google Workspace Smart Canvas now users will automatically have summaries in their documents, in addition to being able to collaborate on documents that do not contain Docs pages, this will allow more space in Google.

For summaries in Docs an overview of the document items is used, this is intended to quickly analyze the information and prioritize what to focus on. These may be created or edited by a common work team. Meanwhile, the format without pages, will manage to create an uninterrupted flow of information for communication between writer-reader, in addition to containing spaces for content: images and tables.

Said updates are in implementation that is stipulated as in a maximum of 15 days. In addition to that it will also be available for legacy users of the G Suite Basic and Business. The company adds that as progress is made, they will keep an eye on new capabilities provided by Artificial Intelligence (AI).