Truth Social: Donald Trump's social network

After the suspension of the Twitter account, the former president created his own platform

The creation of the new social network by Donald Trump is now available to use. Truth Social is the platform that the former president of the United States set out to create after several disputes on social networks.

The app is now available on the App Store. The controversial creation of the network dates back to the main character Donald Trump, the famous American millionaire who while he was president was criticized by society and even Twitter. The blue bird social network threw the president of the platform, since it permanently suspended the account. Facebook was later added to the same actions.

After this virtual altercation in the year 2021, Trump announces the launch of his own virtual platform: Truth Social or the "social network of truth". According to the developers the new network is free of political discrimination. Truth Social is currently only available in the United States, as the domain blocks IP addresses outside of the country.

In true Twitter fashion, Truths are called “Tweets” and can be reblogged as Re-Truths. Users can also reply to messages, post media, and follow each other between accounts.