Meta adds Reels to Facebook

The Meta company has managed to implement the tool on all its platforms

With the rapid expansion of the TikTok social network, which has had direct competition from Meta's Instagram Reels, the company has decided to implement the same on Facebook. This is why Mark Zuckerberg has informed the launch of short vertical videos for Facebook users.

The Facebook Reels integration from yesterday became available in more than 150 countries. In addition, the company Meta has reported that it will implement a series of new functions for the Reels of all its platforms. Like the Remix tool that will allow you to record in a duet with other Reels on the same platform.

Within the Facebook options, the new Reels alternative is available in Facebook Stories, in the Facebook Watch column and in the news section. To use it, users will need to have made the latest update to the app. The Reels tag appears as a new tag at the top.

In addition, the company has explained that they are already working on investigating more in the field of Reels. It is intended that soon it will be able to view and create Reels more easily on the platform. As well as the monetization of the videos through advertisements in the form of stickers.