Tik Tok: Who sees your profile?

The viral video application integrates a new tool for users

A new update has arrived on the Tik Tok platform that will reveal to users which accounts they enter to see the personal profile. The new tool aims to support content creators and brands, who must have the TikTok Beta platform to start using it.

The tool is found in an icon that simulates an eye, in the upper right part of each user's profile. Pressing it will display a list with the profiles that have seen the personal Tiktok feed.

Hand in hand with its options for content creators and the scope they have on the social network, it is a direct utility to report to brands on how many views each tiktoker's profile has. In this way, both the brand and the creative user benefit from the public and audiences they can reach.

In addition, the algorithm is reordered to show users profiles similar to those visited by a certain segment. In addition to the common interests that benefit the brands.