What is PageRank according to Google?

What is PageRank according to Google? The term comes from the translation page ranking

The giant Google calls PageRank (PR) as a concept for a specific formula that determines the popularity of a specific web page in its search engines. This SEO method is used to assess through numbers the relevance and how popular the site is. The values are 0 as a minimum and a maximum of 10.

Through the metric of PageRank or page ranking, they can achieve obtain a position that gives the search result in the first place of search engines. This factor is just one of many that Google uses to assign the position to the page in question.

Some of the value elements that Google takes to reorder the ranking are the total visits to the website and its quality. As well as the value of the content with its supporting keywords, the loading speed of the website that does have Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), frequent updates and its web design.

So, the PageRank is the score executed by Google to the web page . Which influences the positioning of the website in search engines. In turn, it is an SEO metric that has been used since 1999. It was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin and the purpose of its establishment is to measure the quality of a particular web page.

To improve the PR it is necessary to execute a strategy in which the backlinks or backlines link to other websites of interest and relevant information of the company. It is necessary that an organization is made on the site prioritizing the Home of the website since it is the most important to position. It can also be complemented with a marketing strategy in which valuable content can be emphasized to increase the chances of sharing on social networks.