What is Link Building?

The term comes from the English word “link builder”

Hand in hand with search engine optimization, link building or link building that works to describe actions that are responsible for increasing the number and quality of links that enter a website. This process seeks to rank higher in search engines for the specific page.

Link building then serves to increase visits to the website potentially. Also, it is technically known as a set of methods that help increase quality. This is relevant, since the entire spectrum of a website is determined by the authority of the page, which is understood as the links that are redirected to the web. And also by domain authority.

The importance of this system and inserting it into a brand's web positioning strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positioning in search engines. For link builders to work, it will be necessary to perform link baiting, that is, get links.

To more precisely define link baiting, it can be conceived as referring to any content that encourages users to visit a website. This can occur with the creation of links that can be achieved in two ways: paying the owner of a specific site or attracting users, with valuable content through blogs or media.

Therefore the link building thought through the marketing strategy, helps to position yourself in the search engines and determines the value of the links. And link baiting manages to earn links by making relevant content so that other websites want to use it as a reference.