What is the Page Experience Update?

We also tell you the differences with the Core Web Vitals

The Page Experience Update is the latest Google algorithm update. Since 2020 it is being updated and in 2021 the tool was launched. This works to provide indicators of usability of web pages and works through Google Update.

In its Spanish translation, it means “Update of page experiences” This concept is widely related to the quality and usability that users experience when browsing in search of results. This concept is often confused with the Core Web Vitals or "Essential core web elements", as they are a division of metrics, which Google applies to all websites. In the same way, these focus only on the user experience, that is, load time, interactivity and visual stability. Both are tools that contribute to the experience of the technology giant's users.

The Page Experience Update and Core Web Vitals concepts are widely related. Likewise, it is necessary to be clear about the differences of each one and how you can take advantage of the uniqueness of each tool. The factors of the first concept are to guarantee: experience, navigation, interaction, search. All this under the compromising mission of Google.

“We believe that providing information about the quality of experience on a web page can be helpful to users when choosing which Search result to visit. In the results, the image preview or snippet helps provide context about a topic to users so they know what information a page can provide. The visual indicators of the results are another way to do the same, and we are working on one that identifies the pages that met all the corresponding experience criteria” explains Google through its official pages.

All updates are important for development, because you have to be aware that these utilities are directly related to people's searches and information gathering. Something that today works as a great information almanac.