Google Tag Manager and its use

The company Google offers a tool to manage page tags

For the company, Tag Manager is a tag management system, which can be described as Tag Manager System (TMS). The tool tries to work in the same way as the Content Manager System (CMS), whose modality focuses on the management of web content. Likewise, the option offers an interface through which you can create and follow the labels associated with your website.

From a certain point of time, it will not be necessary to execute the writing of the codes manually, but rather, with this interface, all the labels can be created and the software itself will manage the implementation on the web. This, granting tracking codes to the pages that you have linked to the site.

Some of the benefits that the use of the new tool grants is, first of all, manage tags. In this way, users will be able to stop worrying about creating the HTML code manually. Also, the precision of tag selection, that is, the code will not be prone to errors, but rather will be transformed into something expeditious.

The Tag Manager provides a data layer and does not allow errors. Also, control over this theme is achieved, as it becomes easier to control and track the labels. In addition, tags that collect information can be implemented.

To use the Google Tag Manager, the service must be configured, that is, it will not be enough to log in to the Google account, but rather they must create an account and fill in the requested information. Afterwards, a name is chosen for the account. Then, a "container name" is chosen, this is a piece of code that must be embedded in the website to use, finally "create". When you are ready, you can start using the tool.