The importance of Brand Awareness for your company

It is about the commercial recognition that implies the psychology of users

This concept from digital marketing, is externalized as an important indicator that reveals if the brand is remembered or recognized by users. The main objective is that the audience manage to positively associate a brand with the product itself. Likewise, positioning is just as important, since this specifically marks the difference from the competition of the same product.

Brand Awareness can be measured in 3 different ways on a sliding scale. The first, is the "top of mind" which means that the brand is remembered by mentioning only the product category. The second, is “retrieval without help”, that is, the brand is not mentioned at the beginning, but it is easily remembered and assigned to a category without major problems. And finally, there is the “assisted memory or recognition”, it is about when the consumer remembers the brand, only after interviewing him.

To execute the tool within the strategy, it is necessary to ask a series of questions, which must be answered in 10 seconds. With this small exercise, you can qualify how much the brand is remembered by consumers. An example would be that a dairy brand asks questions such as: mention a brand of yogurt, what is your first choice when buying snacks, etc. The answers that are registered, in themselves, will be marks that the public immediately associates.

The benefits of this practice can be raising the reach of brand awareness, generating brand associations in the minds of potential customers. Also, increase sales. These collections of information can be intertwined with new strategies or campaigns.

A brand could create new distinctive elements if they were missing, for example, an attractive logo that represents the brand. There are also real benefits to be gained such as collecting the right words to use.