How to create a web page?

Basics guide to building a website

First steps to create your website

To create a website you must know what you want to upload to the network: Create an online store, an informative website about your services, a blog or a gallery of your work. It is important since your idea is the engine that will give life to your web project and will determine the growth of your project.

Virtual store. ecommerce or virtual stores have become very popular and it is where more competition has been seen in recent years regarding development. Today anyone has the opportunity to start a web sales system allowing a series of opportunities in the social, labor and economic sphere. You can have physical and digital services or products.

Blogs . Blogs comprise one of the most informative databases, since it is the purest act of unfolding personal, educational and commercial knowledge. We currently find informative news and information blogs about different disciplines.

Online communities . Social networks marked a milestone in the way we interact with our peers and today they are very popular as methods of establishing and maintaining ties. The truth is that these platforms are here to stay and their potential determines our way of communication. The main characteristic is the horizontality of the communication, despite the fact that different platforms can assign privileges depending on the reason. Examples of these are: Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Forums, Chats.

Domain registration

Once you are clear about the reason for your website, you must register your domain , which will be the name or address with which they will find your project on the internet, in our case it is .

Thousands of domains are registered every day, therefore, it is possible that your domain is already registered and it is necessary to rethink the name. Ideally, you have several potential names to stay with the domain that best suits you.

There are many companies that can register your domain, at MOX we have the best registration and renewal prices. To register your domain you must:

1. Verify that your domain is available
2. Choose the extension that you like (.COM, .NET, .ORG, .NINJA, etc.)
3. Complete the order. (If you don't have an account you can still register for free)

If you want to obtain a national extension (.CL, .AR, etc.) it is necessary to do it in the NIC corresponding to your country. In the case of Chile, you must register at, because the extension concession (.CL) is owned by the University of Chile.

Create a web hosting account

The next step is to create a Hosting account , which will provide you with the space and resources necessary to store your page or web system. You can register web hosting or web hosting with different providers. At MOX we have excellent quality web hosting options.

1. Choose the hosting plan If you have doubts about which plan suits you, you can consult through our contact form . If you are starting, I suggest you start with basic plans and scale as your website requires.
2. Create your Hosting. (If you don't have a user account you can still register for free).

Build your website

Once you have completed the previous steps, it is time to start building your website for which you have several alternatives:

* Content management systems (CMS) . Ideal for blogs and websites that publish a lot of articles /content. Like news blogs and articles. Some notable examples are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Available in our web hosting accounts

* Ecommerce scripts . It is the perfect solution if you want to have a virtual store, this is the software that will do the job. Some examples are PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce. Available in our web hosting accounts

* Website builders . An easy way to create a website without having any programming skills. They contain a drag and drop interface with many customization features included! Available in our web hosting accounts

* Developed by yourself . You can also create it yourself if you have development experience. It can be more laborious this way, but it gives you the flexibility to do it your way and choose crucial resources for your project.


If you have read this far, it may be the beginning of a journey full of learning and satisfaction, making your project known to the world. If you want more information about any of our products, you can do so via email to or through our contact form.