Does bold help SEO?

Learn how you can use bold to increase traffic to your website

The search engine of the company Google represents a 75% of the world market. Among this, creating a good strategy through proper use is necessary to position yourself within the large and competent segment. One of these important factors in Search Engine Optimization is the use of bold in texts created for blogs on websites.

Bold, or also known as bold, is a typography style that is characterized by the use of a thicker stroke in the text. There are several ways to represent them: typography, typing, word processor, html , css and wiki format. It is most often used to stand out or emphasize a specific part of the text.

John Mueller, who is Google's Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, said that bold words and bullet points in a paragraph help SEO, along with tags to rank contents. Likewise, the professional explained that it is only necessary to highlight what is important, that is, if all the text in bold is selected, it will not help at all.

“Another thing is that this is largely relative within the website. If you go away and say ok I'll just bold my whole page and then you'll think google will think the page is the most important so by bolding everything essentially nothing is bold because it's all the same." Google worker.

Although this use is important, it does not directly impact the ranking of page positions, but rather it becomes a positive element for the scannability of the blog post. So its conscious use, highlighting only the essential, gives a plus to your website and to the writing on the web.