Goodbye Universal Analytics, hello Google Analytics 4

The tech giant has already announced that Google Analytics 4 will permanently replace Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is the new generation measurement solution and will begin to replace Universal Analytics indefinitely. The latter will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023, therefore, the recommendations call to prepare for the use of this latest update to make use of data and analytics.

Some of the processes that this indefinite change entails is that after July 1, 2023, users will be able to access data that they have previously processed in the Universal Analytics property for a minimum of six months. Through this statement, Google explains that in order not to lose data that is important to users, it is very important that you export your historical reports during this time. And that you will no longer be able to see the Universal Analytics reports in the Analytics interface. You also will not be able to access your Universal Analytics data through the API.

Little by little GA4 is becoming the default analytical platform in the world of marketing. You can collect data from websites and applications in the same property: Enhanced metering, collection of data from websites and applications in the same property, Analysis Center and historical data limit.

In addition, the company offers to check if the change affects any property in particular, dissociated by these two options:

- If you created the property before October 14, 2020, it is most likely a Universal Analytics property.

- If you created it after October 14, 2020, it is most likely already a Google Analytics 4 property. In that case, it does not need to be updated.