Google Adsense expands its catalog

The company has advanced in advertising systems.

After waiting for the new implementation that seeks to eliminate cookies, the company has decided to move forward with new options for advertising systems, which focus on ads created to give users sites related to the particular searches and interests.

Content related search allows you to show your users search terms that are related to the content of the page they are viewing. When the user clicks on a related search term, they are taken to a specific search page on your site, where they can explore more content, including search ads. Meanwhile, the ads on the search page target the search term the user clicked on, rather than the user's actual data,” explains the company through its official pages.

The new implementation seeks to optimize the ad formula. That is why visitors will execute respective searches for the content of the visited website, causing a better user experience. Specific search results are linked to the visited page, which will be more fluid for virtual surfers. If they are in constant interaction with the content, the platform allows them to establish a closer closer relationship with customers.

Likewise, it makes users stay longer on the website, which is positive for preserving a good flow, since it manages to make users stay longer on the site.