Twitter creates option for professional accounts

The social network enabled a new identification for its users

The microblogging platform has implemented a new tool for users who manage professional accounts. This option will allow a certain segment of the public to choose an identification label. Also, this will provide a greater presence in the system.

In the same context, another of the novelties that the new alternative brings is that, by registering as a creator or brand, in the future you will be able to adhere to the new options that Twitter Shopping will provide.

The professional option has some requirements to be able to implement it successfully. One of these is that the user must not have a history of violating conditions of use on the network. Likewise, the profile must include the name, a biography and a profile photo. Another obligation is that the identity reflects the professional profile, that is, it cannot imitate any person, organization or brand.
Another important point of the parameters of use is that in the same way parody accounts will be denied the seal, so they will not be able to access the professional Twitter account.

Moreover, those who comply with the requests will be able to update it in the Twitter sidebar, on the home page. To start it is necessary to look for the option “Start” that will automatically lead to select the category of the account, it can be Business or Creator.

Another of the new features is the personalization of the profile, the selection of the topics to follow, promote tweets, omit for now, etc. In order to finally execute the update, it is necessary to follow these steps: enter the profile and edit profile. Then choose “edit professional profile” Then enter “Change account type”.