Surf anonymously with VPN

VPN in Chile, an increasingly used technology

What is a VPN?

VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) is a network technology used to connect 1 or more computers through a private network. They are currently gaining popularity due to the fact that it guarantees anonymity when browsing the Internet.

Every day data security is more important, when it is evident that the privacy of the same is being seen in controversial questions. Many people in Western countries, where there appears to be greater freedom of expression, are choosing to protect their personal information from their governments and private parties who conduct malicious surveillance.

When especially today that, due to the effects of the pandemic, technology has strengthened communication channels and access to information, technology has gained importance in our daily lives. Internet providers knowing this, seek to control or limit access to certain information or services.

VPNs are very popular in countries where individual freedoms are restricted and censorship makes posting or even visiting certain pages compromising. The VPN allows you to browse freely and without restrictions, from watching content that is regionally blocked such as Netflix or YouTube, jumping firewalls in work environments, to connecting to Wi-Fi networks that are not fully trusted, such as airports , cyber cafes or universities.

VPN and how it works

The VPN establishes a secure connection between the remote user (you) and an external network . Acting as an intermediary that encrypts or encodes the information that is transmitted between both channels. Thanks to this intermediary it is possible to hide the information from the external network, giving false information to the internet provider about the connection established by the users.

Hiding your personal information, redirecting traffic, making it impossible for a provider or network to track your information, unlike connecting normally which is exposed.

There are free VPN services but, as the saying goes nothing is free , the VPN provider may have malicious intentions or sell your data to third parties, which makes it even more dangerous.

The use of VPN is completely legal, and it is not prohibited in Chile.

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