What is SEO? Optimization for a web page

What is Search Engine Optimization? Why is SEO necessary? How do search engines work?

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization . It is a web marketing discipline that deals with the process of optimizing websites with the ultimate goal of improving their position in search results. If your website is among the best positions in a search, it is very likely that it will obtain better results than your competition.

Other ways of calling SEO are: positioning, organic positioning or natural, search engine positioning.

When conducting a search in Google, the websites with the best positions are more visible. There is a lot of documentation regarding how to optimize a website to obtain a greater presence on the Internet, increase traffic or influx of visits and obtain more sales.

By SEO they can also refer to the people or agencies that carry out positioning campaigns, who are usually multidisciplinary teams: programmers, designers and content writers, where those who make multimedia content or the knowledge of experts are increasingly important.

Due to the multiple factors that determine SEO, such as the structuring of the content of a website, keyword, visitor's search intention, Google algorithms, website speed, optimization on mobile devices, multimedia content, link building (construction of inbound links), relevance and originality of the content, among others; it is not immediate and many agencies choose to conduct monthly incremental improvement campaigns.

In SEO it is impossible to guarantee a position, even so it is possible to perform optimizations in order to improve your visibility in the main search engines.

The different tasks or actions of SEO positioning can be divided into two large blocks:

SEO On-page (internal)

SEO On Page, also known as SEO On Site, deals with the internal optimization of the website such as structure and content. Certain types of optimizations are speed, adaptability or responsiveness in mobile formats, content and user experience.

SEO Off-page (external)

SEO Off Page, also known as SEO Off Site, is about optimization on external factors of the website: links that other websites make to your website and their authority, age, CTR or number of clicks per impressions or views of your website, presence in social networks (where YouTube is most important)

Why is it necessary to carry out an SEO campaign?

The importance of SEO is to help users find results that satisfy their search. The intention of Google or the other search engines is to offer quality results to the user. As a consequence, the importance that SEO can have for you is to obtain a greater presence on the Internet, which can translate into increasing sales, increasing network of contacts, obtaining greater prestige with respect to your competition.

How do internet search engines work?

Search engines such as Google, Bing or Duckduckgo, although they use very different algorithms (ways in which they process information), in broad strokes the operation is the same, from which two large processes emerge in a cyclical way:

Tracking with Bots
Bots, robots or spiders, are tours that search engines make on your website, storing all the information available on it: content, images, files and links. In addition to the information regarding the loading speed, colors and content structuring.

According to the frequency with which you publish content (products, categories, articles and posts), the search engines will determine the frequency.

This process can be guided by the so-called sitemaps and robots.txt , which will provide guidelines to search engines to locate your content.

Indexing process
Once the search is carried out, they will be processed using the algorithms that will determine the final position in each search.

It is impossible not to refer to the so-called black hat seo or generalized bad practices, such as obtaining inbound links in bulk as a method of positioning. At this point, and with the help of artificial intelligence, they are becoming easier to detect and can lead to bans or penalties that can cost your domain or brand dearly.

The truth is that the final objective of the existence of SEO is to offer quality results to users, therefore, the orientation in the construction of your campaigns should be to offer a higher quality of information that differentiates it from its competition.