DuckduckGo vs Google

Comparative relationship between both search engines

To carry out our work or simply search for information, we always go to a web search engine. In general, it is Google to come pre-installed on some devices or simply to be better known.

Comparative speed

Surfing the net implies that searching is a mediation experience and speed is a basic matter. However, the search involves complicated criteria elaboration by discriminating between millions of search results, therefore, the question of resources is fundamental for a proper algorithmic understanding. By having a better infrastructure, Google has more capacity and resources to offer a fast experience, in addition to having results returned instantly. is not far behind in this regard, but the search experience is slower for the same reasons above. Also, the speed with which Google captures the information makes it better than DuckduckGo when looking for contingencies.

About the quality of the content

By having a greater number of users, Google is not only a benchmark for searches, but a benchmark for a website promoter. The websites and companies that they support depend largely on how positioned they are in the search engine, with investments in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM being large. In this sense, only the one who invests properly is positioned. Reproducing the trading system. DuckduckGo, on the other hand, is more impartial when it comes to positioning in the search engine, therefore the content in terms of search results respond more appropriately to the keyword used, giving richness and relevance to its results.

About information privacy

This point is almost obvious. Google sells our information, interests and tastes to advertisers so that they can show us advertising. In addition to the fact that Gmail, Google Suite, Google Maps, YouTube and other excellent systems make up the search engine and seem to be indispensable when using the Internet, our information is monopolized by an institution that has an interest of its own. DuckduckGo was born in response to this phenomenon, with the security and privacy of information as its watchword, without registering user information.