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Academic institutions and video calls in times of coronavirus

Software development for schools and companies in Chile

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, normal living conditions have changed on a global scale. Living conditions that are transversal to the different daily spheres: employment, education, health, extraordinary activities and it seems that any activity has been disrupted by this phenomenon.

In academic institutions, it is the subject of debate regarding forced modernization and the need for student learning in different age groups. Ministerial interventions to suggest the return to classes in person and endless tensions that involve health systems, public agenda, families and the same motivations of students.

Some schools have used conventional platforms, such as Zoom or Google Meets to alleviate the need for educational meetings, facing the limitations of free platforms.

Today we offer different schools in the country a videoconferencing service based on Jitsi Meets and our own servers hosted in Chilean data centers with excellent reception from the teaching group, students and parents. It is also applicable for companies that need their own videoconferencing service, avoiding the problems associated with the security of calls.

The video call service has the logo of the establishment in the video call, it can be linked to a platform, if there is one, connect a moderator (teacher or not) to manage the video call. It is experimented with the live transmission through YouTube and the storage of video calls to save the classes and present them to students who have connection difficulties at home.

Feel free to inquire about our services through the following contact form.

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