10 steps to create an SEO strategy for your website

Create a strategy so that your website appears among the first in search engines 🔍

1.Buyer person

Your ideal client: detail their needs, interests, objectives, etc. Investigate your target audience through surveys, interviews, among others.

Integrate the information you collect into each strategy, so you know who you want to sell to and you can give your brand a voice.

2. Keywords

Analyze what are the searches that your buyer person does on the web. Write them down!

Support yourself with Google Trends and organize the keywords by categories or services and in order of importance.

Use the words in texts, URLs, categories, tags, descriptions or the text that appears under the title.

3. The competition

Look at the prominent brands in your web results for your category. You can use Screaming Frog 🕵️

4. The images

Name your photos on your website with the correct name or descriptions. The idea is that Google can know what the image is about.

5. Google rules

The Meta Description: This is the text that appears in the search results (SERP). It influences the visits you receive from search engines to your website. Must not exceed 155 characters.

6. Fix broken links

Don't send your customer into a 404 error. Web search engines will assume you're not providing a good user experience and lower your rankings.

7. Use your links

When writing content for your blog, try to make one topic lead to another to extend the time spent on your site.

8. The content

It must be useful, original and creative. Before selling your product or service, think about how you can help your buyer persona, then write an article with the tone of your brand.

9. Analyze and measure

Use Google Search Console, it is a free tool that helps you analyze, optimize and verify the status of your site in web search engines. It shows you all the errors that Google finds when reading your website so that you can solve them faster.

10. The strategy

Develop a plan of monthly objectives with the different SEO tactics that you are going to implement to have greater control of your actions.