Activate the Google Chrome RSS reader on your Android

The original objective of is RSS facilitates the management, publication of information and news on sites and blogs. It is a standardized way of distributing information from web pages to the readers of the pages. Although about eight years ago Google Reader, Google's RSS feed reader closed, there are more RSS reader options and you can use it on your Android.

Do you want to know how to activate it? Here we tell you.

Go to the Play Store and search for the beta version of Google Chrome. Once you install it, follow these steps:

• In the search bar we write: chrome://flags
• Then look for: web feed. Or copy and paste the following url into the search bar: chrome://flags/


• Activate the function by clicking on "Default" and change it to "Enabled".

Once this is done, Chrome will start again and we can start following RSS feeds. But how? Enter the website you want to follow, then press the three dots in the upper right area and press the "Follow" button that appears in the last option. And so with all the websites you want to follow.

The content can be seen on the main screen of your Google Chrome in the new tab called "Following". Inside it will be all the content of the websites to which you subscribed.