Prevent your users from forgetting their online shopping cart

# 80% of the public who visit your website, then leave the site without paying for the shopping cart.

80% of the public that visits your website, then leaves the site without paying for the shopping cart. This occurs for the freedom of each client and it is necessary that you detect what is the best practice for your brand and ensure that it does not happen.

Through a good digital marketing strategy and persuasiveness, you can direct your target audience. Consider the following:

Clarity at all times

Make known everything about the purchase and your e-commece the user. Provide detailed information on the product or service that you will acquire. In addition to helping you when making the purchase: purchase steps that are clear. You can lean on graphics, messages, etc. Don't give him room to hesitate.

The purchase is important

Buying is an experience, so the user who is buying with feelings involved. Do not make him bother not knowing what he is carrying to his basket, it should not be in the background, but must be specified, specified, etc. Many times, due to not having entered the characteristics of the product correctly, it will not be added to the basket.

Quick and short step-by-step instructions. In addition to providing a good navigation service on your website.

Registration last

Do not compromise the public that visits your site. Do not ask for contact information before the future customer completes the purchase. The registration must be done at the end, once the buyer has satisfactorily completed his acquisition.

Total cost, return form, receipt and signature

Make all the details clear. The total cost of the purchase, transportation costs, etc., detail it to the client. Keep in mind that one of the main reasons for leaving the site is the associated transportation costs. Avoid it whenever possible and incentivize with discounts.

When they have already purchased the product, send the respective receipts to give security to your customers.