Learn about the different types of e-commerce

#Ecommerce is about various ways in which you can exercise digital commerce.

Ecommerce is about various ways in which you can exercise digital commerce. There are 5 most common online business categories. Get to know them below:

B2B or Business to Business e-commerce:

B2B is the type of commerce where commercial transactions are carried out between companies that operate on the Internet, that is, this type of business does not have a final consumer. It is usually common with companies that wholesale or distribute components or raw materials, which will later be used by other companies.

B2C e-commerce or Business to Consumer:

This type of electronic commerce is the most common, since the business has a final consumer. It is the one that takes place between an online business and a person interested in buying a product or acquiring a service.

B2E e-commerce or Business to Employee:

This trade is mainly centered between a company and its employees. It is focused on the internal communications of a company. Discounts can be integrated that will serve as a boost to improve job performance.
It is differentiated through sections with exclusive access control for employees, which are attached to normal online stores. The employee can also do internal procedures on the site.

C2C e-commerce or Consumer to Consumer:

This is the trade that focuses on products that are no longer used by someone and seeks to offer it for sale. You can use electronic commerce as a means to carry out this transaction with another consumer.

The final consumer acquires from the primary consumer the products that he no longer wants or needs and to which he can give a new utility at very accessible prices. The same traditional e-commerce purchase process is followed.

G2C Government to Consumer e-commerce:

This trade is carried out by governments or municipalities and allows citizens to carry out their procedures online through a website. It is considered a type of commerce, since a procedure is paid and information can be accessed online.

These types of e-commerce are not the only ones that exist, but rather the most used. Remember that you can always innovate with an attractive business idea.