Get to know your client with the empathy map

This tool will help you to know your client in depth

What is the empathy map?

The empathy map is about a tool with which we will be able to put ourselves in the shoes of our buyers or clients. We can delve into the needs of our potential client, as well as analyze deeper aspects: emotionality.

Some of the aspects that we will rescue will be what that person we want as a client feels and thinks. What are the influences of your environment, your inspirations, etc. We need to dig deep enough to know their behavior and everything that affects their purchase decision.

It will help us to foresee consumer trends, detect the needs of people, taking advantage of the sale. In addition, it is something that gives us a lot of information when developing our marketing strategy, both online and offline.

How to make the empathy map?

To begin with, there are a number of key questions we must ask ourselves about that person we imagine. It begins with a name, how old are you, if you have a family, children, where you work. What else you can detail.

Once we have the profile of that person drawn in our mind, it is necessary to answer the questions: What does he think? What does he feel? These questions refer to what your concerns are, what concerns you have, and what your aspirations are.

Add more questions: What do you see? This answer will clarify what the visual stimuli of this person around him are. We could include here what type of audiovisual content you see, series, cinema, television programs, reality shows, etc. What blogs do you read? What type of page do you buy on? That hears?

What does it say and what does it do? This part is very interesting, as it helps us to glimpse your weaknesses. In short, this investigates what are the contradictions of the person and objectives that he wants to achieve. Looking to make a change? You will be able to know their fears and fears. Do not be scared, it is something that nobody gets rid of. However, depending on your lifestyle, your work situation or whether you have children or not, fears and fears will be very different from one person to another.

What are your aspirations and wishes? It is about understanding what that person's dreams are, their challenges, their short and medium term goals, how they would like to be. Maybe your business could help him. With all this we will have very valuable information to address and meet these needs.

Stay tuned to our blog in Mox, we will soon tell you how you can use all this information in favor of your business and /or company.