What is picking?

Picking consists of the collection and combination of loads to make up a customer's order.

Picking consists of the collection and combination of non-unit loads to make up a customer's order. It can be carried out in almost any type of winery and is produced by putting together packages of products and once they are assembled, they can be transferred. Sometimes we work with the replenishment cycle and with the process of sending prepared orders.

This part of the job includes 3 instances:


Collection of customer data and delivery of classified orders, pallet preparation and others.


Transfer to the places where the different products are, find them and load them to the operations area.


Verify that the packaging, boxing, sealing, weighing and labeling are all in order. In addition to moving the products to the dispatch area and preparing the carrier's packing list.

There are different ways to carry out the picking, and while all are valid, some have a greater financial impact than others, as well as a different degree of initial investment.

In addition, various measures can be used in warehousing systems based on the man-to-product principle. The first is to install warehouse management software that optimizes operator routes in terms of number and length.

Also achieving a warehouse and merchandise distribution will facilitate product collection operations. As well as, the staff's own operations can be streamlined by eliminating the use of paper, using voice picking.