New trend: live shopping

Live shopping is a strategy in which brands through influencers

Live shopping, live commerce or live streaming commerce is a strategy in which brands through influencers or celebrities make live videos to show their products. In addition to creating a micro moment of trust with the public, as well as to take advantage of the audiences.

This trend takes advantage of the great impact and reach of content to drive sales of a product. In this way, it is possible to create a more interactive experience between users and brands, helping to improve both the engagement and the conversion of the brands.

After YouTube launched its new “Super Thanks” function, with which it is intended that content creators receive a “tip” from their audience, live shopping will now be implemented. The platform has been working on promoting the ways of monetization, also extending in eCommerce.

These types of actions or trends arise as a result of the great scope that live video content can, in times where, in addition, new ways of acquiring products are sought after, due to the pandemic, the fear of going to stores and getting covid is very latent.

Some time ago, consumers began to make more use of online purchases, which is why new actions have been announced to continue promoting online purchases in a context where, until now, we do not know what will happen to it. Covid-19 in the future.

The new integration has been enabled for a select group of creators to evaluate its performance and improve it before releasing the final product. It will also allow users to search and buy products in real time, without having to abandon live video.

Videos have become the preferred medium for eCommerce, enabling new tools and functions dedicated to promoting electronic commerce, such as virtual reality ads or the incorporation of product listings below the videos.