Instagram brings updates

Accounts of minors under 16 who register on the social network will be private by default

Instagram is implementing greater security to be safe for users and especially for minors. The last measure taken by the company to protect this age group is that their accounts are private.

One of the measures of the competition, Tiktok, was to make the profiles of underage users private. By making these profiles private, a protection barrier is created around the users, as this person will be able to accept or deny follow-up requests and their profile will not be easily accessible to any other user.

This is not the only action Instagram will take. Accounts reported by minors will be automatically blocked and will be prevented from interacting with other teen accounts. This measure is more drastic and thus the contact of people whose behavior is not appropriate with minors will be prevented.

The new Instagram measures are being applied to accounts recently created by underage users, although accounts already created will also be suggested of everything that involves having a private account. Both Instagram and TikTok seek to create a safe place for their users and more for those who do not reach the age of majority.