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What is multichannel marketing?

The main feature of multichannel marketing is running a campaign through different platforms simultaneously.

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The main feature of multichannel marketing is running a campaign through different platforms simultaneously. The ideal of this type of strategy is to expand and disseminate in various formats to reach the maximum number of consumers, which allows generating brand recognition and sales.

The Internet and its digital advances were the main players in providing new ways of marketing, thereby creating strategies to spread a brand or service. After this, a range of ways has been created to attract customers, consumers or users.

The strategy consists mainly of using the online and offline platforms in a way. The ideal is to advertise the campaign through channels such as social networks, television, e-mail, website, newspapers, magazines, store advertising, pop ups.

In addition, one of the main objectives is the creation and definition of the target audience that will be reached through multichannel. Ideally, it is based on the fact that it can be captured by any of the channels and that it can offer different ways that lead the customer to consumption.

The most important thing about this type of campaign is that regardless of the channel that is reached to the client or user, the aesthetics and identity of the brand or institution is maintained. Consideration should be given to the necessary graphic adaptations.


This type of strategy varies to connect different channels and offer integrated services. This means that two or more channels are connected to allow certain services to be performed.
E-commerce is known for having this type of strategy, at the moment when users need to make returns, they can be made in a physical store but it is necessary to be updated and connected with the inventory and stock. In these cases, the omnichannel strategy would allow the consumer to change their product in the physical store.

On the other hand, when we talk about Multichannel Marketing, we only deal with disclosure. It is about reaching the public, presenting a product and offering various ways to capture their attention, showing that the brand has what it wants.

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