How to use email marketing?

Guide yourself with these tips before starting your digital marketing campaign.

When you carry out your digital marketing strategy , it is necessary that you include the email marketing. This will give you more possibilities to sell online, in addition to attracting the attention of your audience , you will be able to generate traffic and, therefore, increase income .

Some of the considerations you should have before sending an email newsletter:

- The subject line should be short, 30-40 characters, you can use accompany with emojis but ideally you go straight to the point.
- The subscription list is properly cleaned and segmented.
- The email newsletter is personalized.
- The timing is according to the preferences of the audience.
- Email template complies with browser /client limitations.
- Animated gifs are appropriate for your audience.
- An email newsletter is verified.

Remember when designing your email newsletter to be responsive, mobile-friendly, browser-friendly, and most importantly, work consistently across all popular email readers.

Types of emails

- Postcards
- Email marketing ideas for e-commerce
- Popular product-centric email marketing ideas
- Time-sensitive popular campaigns
- Mysterious flash sale
- Final sale and last chance
- Seasonal campaigns
- Christmas bells
- Original email marketing ideas
- Industry trends
- Gift guides
- Made-up vacation
- Email Marketing Ideas Widely Overlooked, But Highly Effective
- Company birthday or subscriber birthday
- Transactional emails
- Local event emails
- Celebrity-centric emails

Stay tuned @ to our next post where we will define each type of email.