Types of emails to create your marketing strategy

Get to know some of the emails for e-commerce

Today we introduce you to the types of emails to use in conjunction with the email marketing strategy:


Postcards help create your newsletter without the need for coding or design skills. It has a variety of components that can be mixed and matched in an intuitive drag-and-drop environment. Design creation comes down to simply choosing the required units and quick customization.


Recommend a product. Previously, it analyzes customer preferences and purchase history to provide engaging and valuable content. Inform about new products and mention early access to a new collection. Choose the most original or best-rated product, next to them you can show the best-selling products.

This type of email newsletter is highly anticipated because people sign up for it, receive updates.

You can also attract attention with limited edition products and exclusive sale. The limited and exclusive always attracts the audience. Ignite interest and build anticipation, thereby increasing your chances for higher open rates and clicks.

Time-sensitive popular campaigns

Time-sensitive offers are a psychological trick. It's now or never, driving consumers to hurry. There are several time-tested options for e-commerce: Flash Sale, Final Sale, and Last Chance.

Mysterious flash sale

A one-day deal is a fairly widespread phenomenon. It is used for impulse buying that is effective. Since it is a flash sale, it must be perfectly in sync with the website. If it ends, it ends.

Final sale and last chance

Like the "Limited Edition Products", these two also have powerful words: "Final" and "Last". They are time sensitive by default. Therefore, it is not necessary to indicate this. People get it right away as the sense of urgency stands out.

Online websites

Strengthen the effect even more by offering a big discount, through the brand's website. You can send coupons with exclusive codes to customers for a specified time.

Seasonal campaigns

Seasonal campaigns are essential to your overall email marketing strategy. They help consumers stay excited, remember the brand, and use word of mouth. Popular options are mid-season and off-season sales. Use themes to give good spirits. For example, if it is the fall campaign, you can always use some fall decorations to indicate this.

Christmas campaigns or dates of celebration

By this time the world is in high spirits; consequently, the offers are easily accepted. Another great thing is that there are hundreds of holidays for valid leads. Starting with the big ones like Halloween, New Years, Mom's, Dad's, Children's Day, etc.

Add to this holidays, December /June Solstice, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, National Days, and you end up with many reasonable opportunities to reach out to contacts.

Extended sale

It may sound more informative than promotional; Any email newsletter is an excellent opportunity to promote products in a non-intrusive way. On top of that, you can also submit instructions, tips, checklists, and even calendars online.

Gift guides

The gift guides appear in season of celebrations or special dates. Very often, people forget birthdays, and subscribers may require some good introductions of what to give to their family, friends, or colleagues. Therefore, you can create gift guides every month and help your contacts deal with this problem on a professional level.

Vacation or summer

If you feel like your email campaign needs a festive mood and positive emotions, you don't have to wait for a big day on the calendar. It only makes up for your vacation.

Subscriber birthday

A birthday is a great day. And even more for our clients it must be a special day. Combine congratulations with a small gift or discount.

Transactional emails

There are email newsletters that are designed to re-engage subscribers, such as an "Abandoned Cart Notification" or "We are losing you." And some emails can be easily adjusted to generate additional traffic.

Any transactional email newsletter can help, all you need to do is work cleverly with some purchase incentive in the design.

Local event emails

If you run a small business and your target audience lives nearby, monitor all local events. Hometown festivals, concerts, and small street food events can make for a perfect sales opportunity. People like to keep you up to date. Show off products that will help you stay fashionable, to build your relationship.

Celebrity-centric emails

Influencers or celebrities are the new key to motivating customers. Follow the news and gossip to benefit from popular references. Offer products while hinting at the social situation, and it will easily ignite interest and drive traffic to your online store.