What is TikTok and how to take advantage of it?

TikTok is a social network for mobile application used to create, edit and share entertainment videos.

TikTok is a mobile application social network for creating, editing and sharing entertainment videos , which range from 3 to 60 seconds. The editing style is similar to the Vine or Musically apps.

The app is designed so that users can create and share a video in a few minutes. To use it for business, the production and edition must be outlined to the strategy and neat.

Among the main features of this platform, the following stand out:

• It is a social network called User Generated Content, that is, the content is generated by and for the users themselves.

• The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to show connect the content of users that may be of interest to them.

• Lip Sync: allows the user to synchronize the sound with the movement of the lips, to coordinate the dialogue of a video.

Sectioning of trends. The platform sections the most popular content on the platform, updating challenges, reactions, dubbing, among others, depending on what the users themselves put in trend.

Entertainment and information. In addition to being a social network to entertain, it has a section dedicated to the relevant information on Covid-19, which compiles the links of the institutional pages of various countries to inform about the measures.

TikTok is becoming more and more accessible to stick to strategies. One of the options is that you can include the link in the user's biography and also run advertising campaigns. The expectations to execute branding are optimal since it allows you to bring traffic to the website of your business and convert your target audience into customers.

It also has TikTok Ads , where you can configure advertising for your brand to enhance your conversion strategies. You can go directly to generation Z, in addition to generating the engagement you need.

How to get started with TikTok?

To start marketing on TikTok you should have some considerations to integrate into your digital strategy plan.

Analyze the buyer persona of your brand

You need to analyze the buyer persona of your brand and if they really belong to this segment. Not only Generation Z is the one who uses the application, it considers an audience up to 30 years of age, in addition to their interests, tastes and habits.

If content isn't your thing or your buyer person doesn't use the app, consider using TikTok Ads to reach older people.

• Sign up

You can create your TikTok account via phone or email, or through the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Line, VK or KakaoTalk networks. If you only want to study the platform, it will not be necessary to register with a user account.

• The profile

Optimize the profile and take care of your brand image. Add an image faithful to the communicational line of your company, write an attractive biography and invent your own hashtag.Include the link of your business website and other social networks.

• Apply digital marketing

Plan the contents, decide the type of videos you will upload and the strategies that involve your audience within the target. Keep in mind that with this social network it is not enough that your audience is just a passive recipient of information. Avoid corporate videos, the fun network so you try to reach people creatively.

TikTok is about fun, not so much quality. That is why the most viral videos are usually challenges, those of dances or dubbing, in which authenticity stands out over quality.

• Use hashtags

Through hashtag you can create communities around the same common point. It is also important that you discover other hashtags already created and positioned on topics that are related to your brand. Even hashtags will help you join challenges that are trending in your sector, so you can reach a much wider audience.

Tik tok Ads

Advertising on TikTok for business is not entirely necessary, but it helps speed up results. Remember that you can also advertise through influencer marketing strategies.

To create a campaign in TikTok Ads you have 5 formats.

• In-feed
• Brand takeover
• Hashtag challenge
• Branded lenses
• Top-view video

• Metrics

Like any brand, it is essential to measure the engagment of social media strategies. For TikTok you can make this formula to get accounts about your engagement.

[(number of likes + number of comments) /number of followers] x 100

By knowing the engagement results, you can decide on new strategies to improve content and connect with your target audience.