Measuring ROI

Calculate the ROI of your actions of your communication plan

The Return On Investmet or simply ROI , is a ratio used in the stock market that serves to measure the financial benefit of an asset according to the amount invested. Which makes it possible to economically quantify whether an advertising campaign has met the objectives . It is a calculation in percentage that includes the investment and benefits to obtain the return on investment ratio.

You should also bear in mind that ROI always goes hand in hand with the Keys Performance Indicators ( KPI’s ) that will help measure and quantify the performance of actions based on goals and objectives . These indicators change depending on what you want to achieve through the digital strategy.

KPI indicators that will help you

Impressions: We can know how many times your brand is appearing in the timeline of users.

Scope: Facebook Insights provides data on the number of people who have seen a specific publication in addition to the users who have seen the publication via computer, tablet or mobile.

Interactions: The most common interactions are the total number of comments and Likes on Facebook, the number of mentions and retweets on Twitter, the number of repins on Pinterest, etc.

Engagement: This can be measured in several ways. The most common is to add the number of comments and likes, by the number of followers that have been increased.

Increase in your community and the interaction of your active users

• We will be able to measure the traffic that we take to a certain website thanks to a tracking that will allow us to see where our visits come from.

• Brand mentions with an active community. Measure and monitor both positive and negative mentions and the amount of them to know where to improve.

• You will be able to measure the number of visits, as well as who has visited your website only once.
• The conversion rate will help us in calculating the number of visits received to a website or Facebook page, with the number of leads obtained.

• Cost per Click (CPC). Mark the amount we pay for each click that a user makes on a certain ad.

• Click Through Rate (CTR). It measures the percentage between clicks and the number of ad impressions achieved. The calculation would be something like this: No. of clicks /No. of impressions x 100

The final objective of all these metrics or KPIs is the ROI analysis . Consider that taking into account that the higher the ROI, the more profitable our campaigns will be . The important thing is that you monitor all action and then analyze according to the objectives.