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Google Chat is replacing Hangouts

The app is notifying its users of the update.

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Hangouts was launched in 2013 and was the unification of Google Talk and Google+ Messenger, its new contemporary successor is Google Chat, and it is already integrated into Gmail.

No closing date yet, but the company has already notified its users through its application that Google Chat will soon replace Hangouts, starting its transition. For a few months, users can already use Google Chat, where they will see that all their conversations from the last year are already in the new messaging client. In the same Hangouts notice, Google reports that the oldest conversations will be available later.

Hangouts Chat Gmail

Hangouts shows an access to switch to Chat in Gmail, which will close the session with Hangouts and open the Gmail application, activating the Chat tab. Google Chat can be used through its standalone application or from Gmail.

Google Chat is practically the improved version of Hangouts, which previously under the name of Hangouts Chat was only available for Workspace accounts, and which adds integration with Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Meet.

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