How to check payments made with Google Pay?

The app allows you to make payments via contactless with your cell phone or Smartwatch.

The Google Pay platform arrived in Chile in 2018 and allows users to make online payments with Contactless technology, through the use of a mobile phone, smartwatch or any other device with a non-fungible token, in its translation Non Fungible Token (NFC).

It can be used in online stores, Google services and mobile applications that allow it. To use Google Pay you need any device that is NFC compatible and has a Lollipop 5.0 or higher operating system to make purchases in stores. In turn, you must configure your credit or debit cards of banking entities that are compatible with the platform.

Check your payment history

It is essential to enable payments through Google Pay to use your phone as a payment method. The application allows several payment methods, you can also add loyalty cards or merchant point programs. In addition, you can keep track of all the times you have used your mobile to pay and which card you have used for it.

To check the movements without having to enter the bank's application quickly and easily, we just have to enter Google Play and follow the following steps:

Select the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the main screen of the application. Once the menu has been displayed, select "Activity". When you do this, the list with all the transactions carried out appears, showing the name of the establishment, the dates on which it was carried out and the amount of the purchase.

By clicking on the charges, you can access specific information on the operation. In addition to the data, the establishment in which the payment was made is also registered through a map, attached to all the information of the business, including address, the contact telephone number can be acquired by clicking on the call button. The transaction id is also displayed.

On the other hand, at the bottom of the screen is the option "contact issuing entity" if we have any questions about the transaction. By clicking on this option we access the telephone application where the contact telephone number of the issuing entity automatically appears.

In this way, users will be able to view the payments made with different cards in chronological order, regardless of the card that has been used, as well as the operations carried out in recent months.

Lately, there are more people who choose this payment system, for its comfort and security. For this, the mobile phone must have NFC, something quite common in many models from different manufacturers. Have a card that allows payment through this method.

To configure credit or debit cards, the only requirement is that they are compatible with the platform. First download the Google Pay App from the Play Store. Then open Google Pay and click on the "Add payment method" button. Enter your credit or debit card details. Accept the Terms and Conditions, choose the verification form and that's it.