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Meet LiveWill, the app that allows you to leave posthumous messages

Choose the date and time in which to deliver the messages to your loved ones.

Léelo en Español / 2 mins.

LiveWill is an app that allows you to leave posthumous messages to your family members, which will reach their recipients on the date and time that you define. This subscription service allows you to designate people to record the date of your death and from then on your emotional legacy begins to circulate as you defined it when hiring.

Technological advancements, professional secrets: The mobile application encrypts each video message so that it can only be viewed by the recipient and thus protect the privacy of each deceased subscriber. In addition, it incorporates the updating of audiovisual material so that it can be reproduced regardless of the passing of the years, where trusted persons defined by the user will be able to modify the contact details of the heirs.

It is already a reality, you can inherit all those messages that you would like to deliver after death. A truth saved for years, an advice for your children or a greeting for the indicated date, whatever you want.

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