Copywriter vs Copywriter SEO

Find out about the aspects that differentiate the traditional copywriter from the SEO copywriter.

The copywriter is a professional who practices copywriting , that is, creates written content or text that is used for advertising and communication purposes , better known as copy . In addition, he is the one in charge of showing the value of a company or product, establishing trust with the audience and persuading potential customers.

Meanwhile, the " SEO copywriter " is in charge of attracting users and content through search engines . An example of a search engine is Google, in which users are persuaded through the classified words for each content, which must be relevant and attractive to hook users. Google needs to understand what that content is about, what information will be provided to its users, the more information, the better since the positioning of pages becomes a competition.

SEO copywriting is different from traditional copywriting. The latter is considered a copywriter to be a creative professional who knows how to write to engage the target audience and drive customer engagement . The copy you create is supposed to persuade the customer to take the desired action - go to the store, sign up for a class, shop, etc.

Meanwhile SEO copywriters adapt this skill to online content . They take into account how Google operates, what type of copy gets clicks, satisfies user intent, and determines what keywords they should address with their copy.