What are startups?

Startups are emerging companies based on innovation and the creation of commercialization of products or services.

Startups are emerging companies based on innovation and the creation of commercialization of products or services through the use of information and communication technologies , better known as ICTs. The work models stand out for being scalable and granting rapid growth, and the need for capital is lower than traditional companies.

The main characteristics of this type of company is that it develops innovative business models , so that it operates with minimal costs that are lower than traditional companies , since its main target is rapid growth . Their main tool to make themselves known in the market is the internet, they invest significant financial resources in hiring trained professionals to implement successful online marketing strategies.

The customer service department is usually an area where they put a lot of emphasis. They seek to simplify the marketing or service provision processes , they also work with a horizontal and constantly changing organization chart, that is, they seek to adapt at all times to their continuous growth.

The workers of this type of company must be highly qualified, as they naturally assume risks as a path to success, trying new ways of working and communicating with the consumer. Failure always means learning, since they are always in constant evolution.

The advantages

It is anticipated to generate profits in a short time and motivates private investors to contribute capital and even personnel to support the growth of the company.

Startup incubators are a good alternative for entrepreneurs in their creation phase. They also help newly created companies accelerate growth. Some of the startups manage to develop even without the need to have a physical space, in addition to being able to offer remote work and not requiring a large number of staff . Its main characteristics are to encourage teamwork and creativity, in order to develop innovative ideas.

Working in a startup unlike traditional companies, grants membership, since many expansion ideas are contributed by the same worker, generating experience and continuous learning. The workers are usually young, although there is also the participation of people with more experience regardless of their age.