WhatsApp and its transcription of voice memos to text

The social network seeks that its messages can be received regardless of the sense we use to capture messages

Undoubtedly the new WhatsApp updates have fulfilled the necessary speed to carry out fluid communication. Although voice notes are a quick and convenient method when sending messages, one of the problems for the receiver is the inability to hear the audio.

The instant messaging social network aims to provide a solution to situations where the recipients of messages are not audibly available and is working on the possibility of transcribing voice notes to text in order to use the sense of sight.

So far some improvements that WhatsApp has, has been to be able to change the playback speed.

One of the first doubts is the processing of data by Facebook. Audio-to-text transcription requires analyzing the audio by a recognition engine and then transcribing it . This implies that Facebook reads the message? Although the company has an AI trained for this, it will not use it this time.

The solution is that the recognition would be carried out using its own tools that the device already brings. In this case we see that an iPhone is used, so a message appears indicating that Apple's voice recognition is used. The message also warns that the data can be sent to Apple to improve the system. This message is typical of iOS and other apps already use it.

Once the user accepts the condition, a new section will appear in the app where the transcribed messages are and can be read. It will also be possible to jump to specific parts of the message, since the transcribed text is divided into small parts marked in time.

At the moment the functionality is under development, that is, we will have to wait to see it implemented in the app. We also have to see if it really arrives and the project is not abandoned, although being a relatively easy technology to implement and already present on mobile devices, it is likely that we will soon be enjoying reading messages.